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Welcome to theVault. This is an area where those thoughts, ideas and experiments that don't quite fit in with the major CNM projects are kept. Too good just to be left on a back-up CD gathering dust on a shelf, they have been dusted-off and presented here for your interest!

As with all experimental software no guarantee or support is implied or provided by CNM.

This Flash experiment combines an analogue clock, digital clock, day date and year display, and a calendar display. Using the computer's local time the CNMcalendar extrapolates all the information, including a calendar display from 1760 to 2099. Find out on what day famous historical events occurred (or just your own day of birth)!

CNMcalendar - plays in a new browser window (40KB)

CNMcalendar.exe - download PC standalone version (840KB)

This handy piece of Flash will bring alive statistics on your web page. Using an XML file that is simply altered to your requirements in a basic text editor, the CNMchart displays a series of correctly proportioned bars, from the highest to zero (the lower number can be changed using the XML file). The captions are fully user changable and the chart's bars can be labeled with consecutive numbers or the actual data figure associated with the bar.

CNMchart - find out more

CNM colourSelector
Select a 'foreground' colour using the sliders (or choose a 'swatch' colour) and its 'rgb' (red, green, blue) hexadecimal colour value will be displayed, along with the decimal equivalent. You can select the 'rgb' value above the sliders and copy it, ready to paste into your application - useful for programming or web page creation.
You can save a foreground colour in one of the 15 available save slots, by clicking on the large button above them. Click on a saved colour 'patch' to display it again.
Using the 'background' sliders you can see what your colour will look like on different coloured backgrounds.
The WC3 suggested formulae and thresholds (correct at 07.09.06) for brightness and contrast are shown at the bottom.

Requires Flash 7.

CNM colourSelector - a simple 'rgb' colour selector - find that perfect colour!

CNM Date Converter
Converts a date to milliseconds before/after 1st January 1970, or milliseconds to a date. Useful for some programming tasks.

CNM Date Converter - get converting!

HTML5 Canvas bezierCurveTo command generator
An aid to drawing shapes on an HTML5 Canvas using vector curves. You can load a guide image (600w x 500h) to help with your drawing.

bezierCurveTo command generator



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