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One way to navigate through a coaching section on a particular sport is by using the 'contents' window. Clicking on a link, such as equipment in the rugby contents window, takes you to that section.

A 'contents' window can be dragged anywhere, whether it is open or closed, within the confines of the lower frame of the page. It is loaded into a higher 'level' than the frame's main Flash content allowing it to remain visible at all times. When a link is clicked the new target Flash movie is loaded into the base level replacing the Flash movie already there.

It can be automatically 'docked' to the bottom of the page by clicking the arrow in a square in the top left corner. This causes the window to close to show just its top with the title and buttons.

The semicircular button at the top right, opens or closes the window. If clicked when the window is closed but the window is positioned so that when opened it would 'fall off' the bottom of the screen, it is automatically repositioned so that the full window remains visible.

If there are more links than can fit into the visible area of the window, they can be scrolled using either the scroll button or the up and down scroll arrows.

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