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We have done a great deal of work here in the lab on photographic VR technologies, and we still feel that the Apple VR panorama and object technolgies are very powerful. So here is a gallery concept demonstrator which might help you to think about applications of that power.

Here we present a view of the stairwell outside the KMi lab as a QuickTime Cubic VR. In concept, you can make up a virtual gallery out of pretty much any scene that makes sense to the user's eye. So in this scene we have virtually hung a selection of pictures produced by the kids at Heronsgate Middle School in Milton Keynes on the walls of the stairwell. In our virtual gallery you can pan around and zoom in - much as in a regular VR, (either use the controls we have added to the movie, or just drag over it). However, in a cubic scene you can go all the way up-and-down. Furthermore, this example contains multiple movies, controls, rollovers and links to external web pages.

Click on the image below to check it out...



Historical context:

The "now old-fashioned" cylindrical VRs became a robust object and panorama technology some years ago. So much so, in fact that we showed the local kids how to produce a school tour of linked panoramas back in 1998. It is low data-rate, designed for the modem-web, but we think they still look good. Actually, if you are on a modem you might like to try these first! Designed for low-data, they are small and fast loading - whilst our big gallery above will build very slowly (note that this can be quite interesting in effect, as the cube is very visible during this build!)

Tech Support :

You will need Apple Quicktime 5 or better to view this movie. Please note - you do NOT need the Pro version of QuickTime. To check your installation is configured correctly follow this link.

If Quicktime does not Auto-Install then you may need to download the internet installer from the button below.

Open University users behind the firewall should click here to install QuickTime,and select 'Run from current location' when prompted - if in doubt talk to your IT facilitator.

Standalone Installer available here


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