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For current information about the status of this project contact:
Peter Scott - Knowledge Media Institute

The KMi Stadium Project has drawn on the skills of an extensive team thoughout the last few years: in alphabetical order (with other departments attributed in brackets):

• Harriet Cornish - Graphics and user-interface design
• Chris Denham (ACS) - Audio encoder support; Java chat room server and client
• Marc Eisenstadt - Stadium Scenarios
• Adam Freeman - Design/implementation of architecture for Lyceum and servers
• Ben Hawkridge - Shockwave Applet design
• Mike Lewis - Webmaster and RealAudio servers/encoders
• Jon Linney - Graphics for 'Stadium 1' Java prototype; Flash interface design and programming
• Ross Mackenzie (ACS) - Java 'Mapplet' live audience map
• Kevin Quick- HTTP/PHP programming and development
• Andy Rix (AV) - Audio mixing decks and live event coverage
• Craig Rodine - Lyceum implementation rollout
• Peter Scott - Stadium Scenarios, Javascripting, and Live Webcasting Concepts
• Tony Seminara - Graphics and user-interface design
• Malcolm Story (ACS) - Coding assistance, IDLCON Java clock
• Chris Valentine- Flash and HTTP/PHP programming
• Mike Wright - Control booth & remote-control interfaces and live/replay production control

Thanks to other Open University departments as follows:

• ACS = Academic Computing Service Centre for Educational Software
• AV = Audio-Visual Services.


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