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KMi Stadium Overview

'KMi Stadium' is the generic label for a suite of activities and software tools that have been evolving since mid-1995 at the UK Open University's Knowledge Media Institute. The common goal of these activities is to stage large-scale live events and on-demand-replays, while giving remote participants anywhere on the Internet a sense of 'being there'.

We use a mixture of up-to-date Web technologies (latest-generation browsers, helpers, and plug-ins) and proprietary technologies implemented in Java (including our own synchronized audio and multimedia) and Macromedia Shockwave.

Because the technologies, our interests, and our approach all evolve rapidly, the family label 'KMi Stadium' refers to many variants or types. We categorise these briefly within the 'Design History' link, and provide a tabular Replay summary within the 'Event History' link, including which types were used for each event.

If you have a broadband connection then you might like to check out our showcased event replay. (If you have a modem connection, it will still work; but you may have to be patient!)

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