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Relevant Knowledge, the technology short courses program, had a requirement for a range of web based promotional items, that could be used to promote their new courses. They decided upon the new range of CNM XO products to produce and deliver them.

XO is based upon Apple QuickTime, so to begin with, Quicktime movies of John Norton describing the courses were created at two different streaming data rates. XO can use either Macromedia Flash or jpgs for the slides that will accompany a movie. In this case we chose Flash exclusively as we wanted animations.

When both the movie and Flash (saved as a QuickTime movie incidentally) were finished, we used XO Editor to link the Flash slides to the movie, so that they would appear at the correct time in the presentation. This simply involved moving the movie to a time and choosing the start of the relevant Flash slide animation, then clicking a button to add this information to a 'running-order' list, all within XO Editor.

When complete by pressing the 'Publish' button, XO Editor created and compiled all the resources needed to display the presentation on the web, to a single folder.

Finally we used XO Button Editor to produce the buttons that are required to launch the XO Replays from a web page. A html template is provided, but it is easy to incorporate a button into any web page.

The results are listed below:

T184 Robotics and the Meaning of Life

We live in a world which is increasingly shaped by robots. And no, I'm not talking about our politicians or corporate leaders, but about machines. We buy canned drinks from dispensing robots. Our cars are made and washed by robots. We collect cash from robots which reside in the walls of banks. There are robots doing specialised surgical tasks, handling substances too dangerous for humans, flying reconnaissance missions over enemy territory.

Click on the button below to view a short promo of the course (QuickTime 5+ required).

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