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Live webcasting technology is driven by various market forces, with an emphasis on the opportunities of broadcasting television. In business, this is typically “business television” to inform a large workforce of company policy or information. Another popular model is the “presidential address” or “marketing launch” style of corporate event.

However, outside of the major news channels and the large corporates, especially the big IT providers, extensive webcasting is rare. Increasing access to broadband and simpler technical platforms are now creating a greater interest in technical solutions to webcasting.

IPTV is one driver of webcasting technologies, though typically this is done through a single infrastructure with end-users using set-top boxes rather than through desktop PC’s. Besides using the internet for delivery of these services, Cable and Satellite operators are moving from analogue to digital systems, where the video compression technologies allow them to deliver more channels over existing infrastructures. Though not necessarily IP based networks, many of the streaming technologies share similar solutions to webcasting.

Mobile phones network providers are taking an increasing interest in webcasting technologies. Currently, growth in this sector is primarily in Video on Demand (VOD) through 3GPP standards. This architecture does allow for live streaming, but the consumer market does not appear to be quite ready for this.

CCTV Security has seen a large increase in the use of IP networks to readily allow transmission of video from remote locations over existing IP networking. Again, compression technologies allow large quantities of video to be recorded and digital store means access to archived footage can be very quick.

For all these niches the added advantage of capturing live events and presentations to make them available for video on demand use increases the value of live encoding and transmission.

Contact: Kevin Quick

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