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A number of our learning projects have required us to develop simple computer games. We have collected a sample of these upon this page.

The game can be a stimulating and entertaining way for the student to learn about a chosen subject, or it can simply act as an interactive 'jewel' to keep a user focused on an issue. Single-party games use a game model of user vs computer to uncover some regularities in the learning topic. At its simplest, this could be a quiz, and at its most sophisticated it could be a motivational layer on a simulation. Muli-party games are much more challenging, in that they can exploit competitiveness between users. We have just begun to explore this potential.

Single Party Games

Below are some examples of games we have developed to support educational websites.

Memory game - (Flash) Bletchley Park
Subhunt - (Flash) Bletchley park
Children's Code Machine - (Flash) Bletchley Park

Dangers on the Building Site - (Flash) Safety Centre
Dangers in the Kitchen - (Flash) Safety Centre
Bright at Night - (Flash) Safety Centre
Fire Safety Challenge - (Flash) Safety Centre
Safety Quiz - (Flash) Safety Centre
The Recovery Position - (Flash) Safety Centre



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