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Replay a recording of your FlashMeeting!
Uses the same Flash technology as FlashMeeting

FlashMeeting Memo Demo!

See for yourself! Try a demonstration of a FlashMeeting.

FlashMeeting Memo Features


View a secure and private recording of a FlashMeeting.
Simple set up - just requires the free Macromedia Flash 8 web browser plugin.
Send a 'bookmark' of an important section to colleagues.
Low data-rate friendly.
Navigate around each section or simply watch the whole meeting.
URL's used during the meeting optionally open as they did when live!
See a list of participants and the time they joined.
Read 'time-stamped' text chat written during the meeting.
See a list of URL's and the time they were sent.
Look at the whiteboard Snapshots.
Edit a recording - including removing unwanted segments from the replay.
Download files that were available during the meeting.

FlashMeeting Memo is Easy to Use

Use FlashMeeting Memo to watch a recording of a FlashMeeting. It has the same small 'footprint' and uses the same Flash plugin as FlashMeeting, meaning virtually everyone will be able to see it in their normal browser, with no extra 'set-up'. The 'streaming' technology means that you can 'jump' to any part of the recording.

FlashMeeting Memo is Private

Input box  

Individual FlashMeeting Memo recordings are accessed using the same access details that the original FlashMeeting used - keeping them secure. However, if you provide someone you trust with the special 'direct' URL link, then the viewer need only click the 'Enter' button to proceed, as the correct information will be automatically entered into the login 'text fields'. Please read the terms before recording a FlashMeeting.

FlashMeeting Memo is Easy to Navigate

Segment list  

The meeting is recorded in 'segments' matching each of the participant's separate broadcasts. Each segment is listed in the 'list' tab, where you can click on an individual listing to jump to and continue from that segment. The currently playing segment is highlighted in green. This allows for easy navigation around the meeting.

Top bar  

You can also click on an individual 'segment box' on the timeline; or along the space above the timeline (where the start and end times are shown) to jump to a specific point. Of course you can simply click 'Play' and re-live the whole meeting!

Loading bars  

The two loading bars above the list of names, show the download progress of individual segments. The upper green bar is the amount of each movie segment downloaded to your machine and the lower blue bar shows how full the 'internal buffer' is.

Joined indicator bars  

The horizontal dark grey bars to the right of each person's name, indicate the periods the person was connected to the meeting.

FlashMeeting Memo is 'Just Like Being There!'

URL button  

While you are watching the recording, any URL's that were used during the meeting are opened automatically (you will only see the shared url if your browser allows popup windows). You can enable or disable this feature as you wish using the 'URLs' button.


• The 'Chat' tab shows you the text chat recorded during the meeting.
• The 'URLs' tab displays a list of URLs that were visited during the meeting.
• The 'Files' tab displays files that were used in the meeting. Click on one to download it.
• The 'Snaps' displays a list of Snapshots created on the FlashMeeting whiteboard.
• The 'Flash' tab displays details of the meeting; a list of people who attended; Annotations added to the meeting; Voting results.


Click on a blue coloured 'time-stamp' link from a listing and the movie will 'jump' to that time in the meeting.

FlashMeeting Memo Can Share Important Moments!

Segment list  

Alt+Click on a currently selected 'section' in the play list and a window will pop-up containing a 'bookmark' URL to the start of that section. Copy the URL and paste it into, say, an email and the recipient will have a link directly to that part of the meeting. When they 'use' the link the meeting will open, jump to the start of that section and begin playing!


You can also Alt+click on a 'box' in the meeting's 'timeline' to do the same thing.

Play button  

If a section is fairly long, you may want to Alt+Click on the Play/Pause button instead to target a time 'within' the section, it will replay from that time not the start of the section. (Note however, that people on a slow connection will have to wait while enough of the section downloads, to allow jumping to the specific point within it).

FlashMeeting Memo is Editable!

Annotation flag  

A range of edit options is available to the meeting organizer and any other people they might authorize. For example annotations can be added to a recorded meeting at specific times, appearing as 'Flag' buttons along the top of the timeline. Clicking one displays the annotation. Also, individual broadcasts, text chat lines and URL's, can be removed from the playback.

FlashMeeting Memo volume controls

Volume bars  

If you wish to reduce the volume of all of a particular individual's broadcasts, click on their 'name area' situated at the bottom left of the interface. Clicking towards the left is less and towards the right is more.
A grey bar indicates the level for each person. No grey bar visible is maximum volume. A grey bar fully across the 'name area' is minimum volume.
• Simply 'Left' Click to change a single individual's volume.
• Alt+Click if you wish to change everyone's volume to the same level at once.
• Ctrl+Click (Cmd+Click Macs) if you wish to change everyone's volume in 'proportion' to the change made to the person clicked on.


Volume bars  

Use the 'open snaps' button to show saved Snapshots while you are watching the recording. You can enable or disable this feature using the button.




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