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Booking Page

Registered users book meetings using a simple web form. The system automatically returns to you, the booking confirmation and 'ticket' you need to pass on to the people you want to join the meeting, to give them access.
Contact us to obtain information about how to register: support@flashmeeting.com


This fully featured Demo allows you to try out FlashMeeting for a limited time period. Simply click on the link above to enter the Demo. You will need a camera/microphone for any of this to make sense. And, ideally, a friend! FlashMeeting is easy to use but you could take a look at QuickStart if this is your first time.

FlashMeeting Memo

Record the meeting for easy web replay!
Use FlashMeeting Memo to watch a recording of your FlashMeeting.
It uses the same Macromedia Flash plugin as FlashMeeting, meaning virtually everyone invited will be able to see it in their normal browser.

Help Page

Here you will find information on becoming a registered user allowing you to use the booking system. Help, advice and
'troubleshooting' tips are also listed.
Take a look at the QuickStart page if you haven't used FlashMeeting before.

Feedback to us please!

Please find time to tell us about your thoughts on this product. It won't improve unless you tell us!

N.B. We recommend you install/update to the latest version of both Flash (you must have at least Flash 7) and your browser to get the best results.

Check your equipment before using FlashMeeting with FlashMedia Test.
FlashMedia Test

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flashmeeting logo
The simple one-click video conference!
It works in a web browser running the Flash 7 plugin!
FlashMeeting Memo

main screen

FlashMeeting is easy to use:


Click the large 'broadcast' button to begin broadcasting both your image and sound to everyone else in the meeting - when you've finished click the button again to stop. Simple!


Only one person speaks at a time like in a real meeting - eliminating any overlaps or confusion. If you have something important to say - then everyone in the meeting will hear you!


If you click the 'broadcast' button when another person is already broadcasting you will join the 'queue'. If you are first in the queue when the broadcaster finishes, you automatically begin broadcasting!

FlashMeeting features:

bullet Video and Audio broadcast over a network or internet.
bullet No download or installation - it works in a web browser with Flash 7 'plugin'.
bullet Easy to use - click the Broadcast button to start - click again to stop!
bullet Indicate your intention to speak with a simple queuing system.
bullet Text chat - talk to others while watching the broadcast.
bullet Share a URL - open a web page on all remote machines.
bullet Vote and 'Emoticon' options - share your opinions and feelings!
bullet Countdown timer shows time remaining.
bullet View participants either as a list of images or names.
bullet Simple booking procedure to manage your meetings.
bullet Secure and private meetings.
bullet Low-data friendly (one stream at a time).
bullet Record the meeting for easy web replay - visit FlashMeeting Memo.

The FlashMeeting server seamlessly 'links' clients with different connection
types and also provides a recording available for immediate web replay.

Typically what does the process prior to joining a meeting involve?:

bullet A 'registered' user of FlashMeeting books a meeting by using the 'Book' web link above. They receive an email confirming the booking details which includes the URL with the unique password and room name (also called a 'ticket'). They in turn distribute this to whom ever they wish to join the meeting. When the time for the meeting arrives, the participants simply use the 'ticket' URL to open a web page containing the FlashMeeting.

A note for people joining a FlashMeeting:

bullet If you have been invited to join a FlashMeeting, you have to enter it using the special URL provided to you by the person who booked the meeting. This contains both the required room name and password to allow entry to that specific meeting, just copy and paste it into your web browser. For security reasons we do not make the URL's for a FlashMeeting public. No FlashMeeting can ever be accessed from a link on this main FlashMeeting web site (except the special 'demo' room).

Can I buy this?:

bulletNot at the moment... FlashMeeting, on our server, is part of our academic research at KMi. If you are interested and feel that we would both benefit from your group's participation in the project, please contact support@flashmeeting.com to obtain information about how to register. An ideal user group would probably be a 'community' from the educational or business 'world' that work apart but would benefit from regular contact using FlashMeeting. Be aware that we may view any recordings made and use them as part of our research into such technologies (i.e. data may get published in papers etc.).



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