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I work under the direction of Peter Scott and Peter Whalley in the Centre for New Media Unit, within KMi.

My primary areas of work involve developing webcasting systems and multimedia prototypes for various internal and external research projects.

I produce HTML5 widgets, web design, SVG interactive images, computer illustrations & animations for KMi.
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I am Communications Projects Manager in the Centre for New Media. My role includes the development and exploitation of communication technologies such as the projects of Flashmeeting, Hexagon and FlashVlog, and I also lead the Mobiles Innovations Group (MIG) in KMi. In addition, I am the Knowledge Base Supervisor of a Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) project with the Halle Orchestra, Manchester, which is a 2 year project which started in 2009

Joining the OU in the Spring of 1992, my initial projects were related to the transcription of course media for print-disabled students. I was a founder member of KMi when it was launched in 1995. I am now a web applications developer using PHP and mySQL, writing custom code or extensions for open source CMS like Drupal or Wordpress.

I am particularly interested in the application of mobile technology to teaching and learning in remote locations. My most recent projects have included a photo and audio blog for L204, a second level Spanish language course which made custom use of Google Maps for location data I was also part of the team for ERA - the use of wireless networking technology to make geology field trips accessible to disabled and/or remote students.

I built the website that hosts the Open University's immensely popular podcast service and continue to maintain the OU's webcast hosting system STADIUM. I have been involved in four EU-funded projects related to language teaching and inter-cultural competence.

Outreach projects include collaboration with the Halle Orchestra and the Field Studies Council. I worked on Making The News (a web-based news system being used in schools nation-wide, ROSTRA, CLUTCH, CABER, VDC, MK Schools OnLine and the citischool project (teaching for kids who dropped out of mainstream education in the Milton Keynes area).

I have also created web applications for the OU's Research School including PhDSkills (to track the progress of all PhD students at the OU) and the Research Diary I both judge and run the online part of the annual research students' poster competition where new PhD students show off their projects.

In 2008 I was a recipient of two OU Teaching Awards, for my role in T189 'Digital photography: creating and sharing better images' and as part of the ERA team. I received a third Teaching Award in 2014 for my part in webcasting the Student Connections conference.

From June 2016 I have joined KMi's blockchain development team where we are looking at the areas of micro-accreditation, badges, educational currency and academic reputation currency.
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